Request for prayer for Durban, South Africa


Dear Saints,

The Church in Durban, South Africa, would like to open our situation in fellowship for the prayer of the Body. 

Since the week beginning July 5th, there has been ongoing unrest in our province and city. Things escalated over this past weekend with the burning of trucks on the national highway, followed by widespread looting and violence from Sunday night (July 11th) in our city. In the neighborhood where most of the saints live, the mobs have vandalized and emptied every store. We have endured days of hearing gunshots in our neighborhood and have been concerned for the safety of the saints and of our families. 


Report and request for prayer on behalf of the churches in Indonesia


Dear saints in the churches in the United States:

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the frailty and uncertainty of our human existence, while at the same time affording us the opportunity to enter into the practical application of the reality of the Body of Christ.  

As of July 10, 2021, the number of confirmed COVID-19 positive cases in Indonesia is nearly 2.5 million, with an increase of over 35,000 new cases from the previous day. Together with the rest of the nation and the region, we have been reeling from the swift turn of events over the past two months, as we have assisted hundreds of saints infected with the virus get access to limited medicines, hospital beds, and timely medical treatment.  


A Brief Report Concerning India


The second wave of the pandemic was much more severe in India than the first. The country was not prepared for it. As the first wave somewhat subsided, people, even the government, began to relax. Shops, cinemas, and other public venues were opened up, and people started to have large gatherings as before, which eventually led to the serious outbreak. As a result, there is an immense shortage of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. As of now the situation is grim and is expected to peak by the second week of May. Many cities are going into lockdown again.


First Round of GTCA Virtual Tours

9月 16, 2020

This weekend is the first round of virtual tours for five of the ten GTCA target cities: Cincinnati, Lexington, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Pittsburg. The following weekend will be the tours for Charlotte, Memphis, Orlando, Columbia and Richmond.

An overview of the local situation and needs in these localities will be presented, and visitors can meet and blend with the local saints virtually. The schedule of the days and times of the city tours can be found by clicking this link:

Please pray for these virtual tours that the Spirit will move in this time to make His will known.


7月 10, 2020


  1. 祷告使参训者能有像撒母耳母亲哈拿一样的祷告,回应神的心愿,使他们得着迫切的负担,不仅成为今日的撒母耳,也产生属灵的儿女。
  2. 祷告使参训者奉献自己,作今日的拿细耳人,像撒母耳一样,借着在灵里享受基督作独一的拿细耳人,自愿牺牲自己,为着神的旨意分别归神。
  3. 祷告使参训者回应神的呼召,作祂忠信的祭司,像撒母耳一样,将自己向主敞开,让祂充满、浸透,并与他们成为一,使主借着祂们能有路转移时代。
  4. 祷告使参训者回应神的呼召,作祂的申言者,像撒母耳一样,为神说话,说出神来,将神分赐到人里面,为着召会的建造。
  5. 祷告使参训者回应神的呼召,作祷告的人,像撒母耳一样,与神合作,为着在地上通行祂的旨意而祷告,以转移时代。
  6. 祷告求主兴起许多人,答应祂的要求,顾到祂和祂的需要,使祂有路进来,将这个手续的时代,转移成祂心愿的时代。
  7. 祷告求主在每一位参训者身上得着正确的回应,使祂向每一位参训者的说话,在训练后的年日中,仍能在他们的生活中继续满有效能的运行。

北美大专训练 7月10日至7月18日

7月 9, 2020

北美大专训练将于7月10日(星期五)开始,至7月18日(星期六)结束。训练的主题是“撒母耳—拿细耳人的内在意义”,训练将完全在线上进行。 请为已经注册的2,079名圣徒(其中1,419名大学生),以及中南美洲的371名用西班牙语参加训练的圣徒祷告,愿所有参训者都能得着属天的异象,奉献自己作拿细耳人,就是绝对、完全圣别并分别归神的人,除神之外,别无所顾。


6月 29, 2020


李弟兄弟兄不仅认为整个美国,而且更具体地说,就是中部美国对主的权益是最具战略意义的。 他盼望大批的圣徒,蒙主引领迁移到美国心脏地带的许多城市和州,为主的恢复得到扎实的增长,并带进极大的祝福。

请祷告许多家庭和全时间服事者,继续响应前往十个GTCA城市的呼吁,以加强主在中部美国的见证。 也请祷告所有正在搬迁到这些城市的圣徒,他们所有的实际需要都能得到解决。 


  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Lexington, KY
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • St. Louis, MO


  • Charlotte, NC
  • Columbia, SC
  • Memphis, TN
  • Orlando, FL


  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Richmond, VA

Summer Training: Crystallization Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations (June 29 – July 4)

6月 25, 2020

Due to the continued spread of COVID-19 and the likelihood that various government mandates regulating and restricting public gatherings will be extended, Living Stream Ministry has decided that the June 2020 Semiannual Training will not be held corporately as a live training in Anaheim, CA. Instead, the churches will be able to participate in the June 2020 Semiannual Training by video training only.

May we all exercise to maintain a high training atmosphere in our localities for the receiving of the Lord’s up-to-date word. Pray for the speaking brothers that the burden of this semiannual training may be fully released.


5月 22, 2020

水流职事站将以多种语言,免费网上传送2020年国殇节国际相调特会信息。请访问 conf.lsmwebcast.com to select your language and location, to see a meeting schedule for your time zone, and to download the outlines. Please pray that the Lord’s timely speaking in this conference will be received by all the saints.


5月 19, 2020


我们报告“圣经为美国"(BfA)刚为圣徒们制作的一个 新视频 ,该视频传输在全球性疫情中传扬福音的负担,并简介 分享好消息 网站上不同类型的福音资源,以及如何轻松跟您生活中的朋友、家人、同事和其他人分享。