A Special Announcement


Dear brothers and sisters,

We are deeply thankful to the Lord for all He has done during this pandemic in leading so many saints to pray in a daily way for His move, both in this country and throughout the whole earth. We believe that cumulatively, such prayers signal a renewed entrance of thousands of saints into a life of petition and intercession for the fulfillment of His purpose.

At this time, we have been led by the Lord, in the fellowship of the Body, to discontinue the putting out of daily prayer burdens and email reminders after September 26th, the final day of next week. It is our earnest hope that the saints who have subscribed to receive these prayer burdens would not cease their scheduled times of prayer and intercession, both personally and in small groups, and would endeavor to continue steadfastly in the weekly prayer meetings of the church.

May the Lord fully recover the prayer of the age and may He call many more saints in His recovery to engage in this spiritual warfare. May we all be empowered in the Lord and in the might of His strength to persevere in one accord to advance His interests on the earth until the day of His return.

In Christ,

The serving saints at Beseeching.org