Day 46: Prayer for the saints’ exercise of the spirit in praying with others

Pray that the saints would learn to pray with an exercised spirit not only in their personal prayer times but also in praying with a few others and in the church prayer meetings so that their spirits respond to one another in prayer and others are built up by their prayer (1 Cor. 14:15-17; Hymns, #781, s. 3).

林前十四15~17 - 这却怎么样?我要用灵祷告,也要用心思祷告;我要用灵歌唱,也要用心思歌唱。不然,你若用灵祝福,在场那不通方言的人,既然不晓得你所说的,怎能在你感谢的时候说阿们?你固然感谢得好,无奈别人得不着建造。

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