Day 51: Prayer for our praying by taking the ground of Christ’s ascension

Pray that all the saints, taking the ground of Christ’s ascension and based on the fact that the Lord has ascended to the heavens, attained to the highest place, and obtained all things, would enter into a specific, definite, and extraordinary kind of prayer—prayer that is based upon Christ’s ascension and claims all that He has obtained and attained in His ascension (Rev. 5:6a; Matt. 28:18; Eph. 1:22).

啓 5:6上 我又看見寶座與四活物中間,並眾長老中間,有羔羊站立,像是剛被殺過的。

太 28:18 耶穌進前來,對他們說,天上地上所有的權柄,都賜給我了。

弗 1:22 將萬有服在祂的腳下,並使祂向著召會作萬有的頭。

For further reading please refer to 李常受文集,一九六三, vol. 1, “Prayer on the Ground of Christ’s Ascension,” pp. 154–155.

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