Day 19: Prayer to be on Guard

Pray that the saints would be watchful, being on guard and sober unto prayers (1 Pet. 4:7).

1 Pet. 4:7: But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.

The world and the things of the world that people rely on will pass away. They will all come to an end. Since the end of all things is near, we must be sober unto prayers in order not to be entangled and bewitched by the world and the things of the world that are passing away. Without prayer, we will not be able to come to the Lord, hope in the Lord, or wait for the Lord. Brothers and sisters, the end of all things is even closer; therefore, we should be more sober unto prayers. We must realize that as the end of the world and the things in the world draw nearer, they will entangle and bewitch people even more. Do we not see the influence of the world and the things in the world upon people today? People in the world are entangled and bewitched as never before. We can overcome this condition only by being sober unto prayers. Being sober unto prayers is especially important given the entangling and bewitching influence of the world and the things in the world. (CWWL, 1932-1949, vol. 3, “Crucial Truths in the Holy Scriptures, Volume 3,” ch. 32, p. 580)

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Day 20: Prayer to be Vigilant

Pray that the saints would be vigilant to pray in the days of warfare to withstand the devil and his destructive schemes (1 Pet. 5:8-9a; James 4:7).

1 Pet. 5:8-9a: Be sober; watch. Your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking someone to devour. Him withstand, being firm in your faith.

James 4:7: Be subject therefore to God; but withstand the devil, and he will flee from you.

According to what Peter says in 5:8, we also need to watch. To watch is to be vigilant as in warfare, as soldiers on the frontier. Anxiety is a subtle enemy. Many times anxiety is Satan’s incarnation. We need to be watchful and not allow anxiety to invade us. A country’s defense requires watchfulness. Those in the defense department are always watchful lest an enemy invade the country. This is also Peter’s concept when he urges us to be sober and watchful…

As we have indicated, the word “watch” implies fighting. We are involved in a warfare, and we need to be vigilant. Do not let the enemy come in. Anxiety is a subtle enemy. Often the Devil is concealed within anxiety or lurks behind it. If you welcome anxiety, you will welcome Satan, the Devil. Therefore, you need to be watchful. The Lord Jesus also charged His disciples to watch and pray (Matt. 26:41). We need to watch, to be on the alert. (Life-Study of 1 Peter, msg. 33, pp. 303-304)

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Day 21: Prayer for More Watchmen

Pray that the Lord would raise up more watchmen upon the walls of Jerusalem who will pray and not be silent (Isa. 62:6-7).

Isa. 62:6-7: Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, / I have appointed watchmen; / All day and all night / They will never keep silent. / You who remind Jehovah, / Do not be dumb; / And do not give Him quiet / Until He establishes / And until He makes Jerusalem / A praise in the earth.

God wants Jerusalem to become a praise in the earth. How does He accomplish it? He appointed watchmen upon the walls to remind Him. How should they remind Him? They should not be dumb, and they should not give Him quiet. We must not stop our reminding, and we must not allow God to become quiet. We have to pray until He answers and accomplishes His work. God has a will, and His intention is that Jerusalem would become a city of praise, yet He appointed watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem and charged them to pray. Only after they pray will He work. He asks them not to pray once but unceasingly. They have to pray unceasingly until God's will is accomplished. In other words, God's will is governed by man's prayer. God is waiting for us to pray. The content of God's will is determined by God alone; it is not determined by us, and we have no part in the determination of it. However, the carrying out of His will is governed by our prayer.

A brother expressed it very well when he said, "God's will is like a train engine, and our prayer is like the tracks of the train." The train can go many places, but it can only travel along the tracks. The power of the engine is very great, and it can go east, west, south, or north. Yet it can only go where the tracks are laid. God is not without power, yet He is controlled by man's prayer. All worthy prayers are prayers that pave the way for God's will. Hence, if we do not take up the responsibility of prayer, we will frustrate the accomplishment of God's will. (CWWN, vol. 38, “General Messages (2),” ch. 41, p. 283)

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