Day 224: Prayer for the trainees to be built up in Christ in the growth in life unto maturity

Pray for the full-time training at the beginning of the fall term, that the trainees would be built up in Christ in the growth of His life unto maturity and would have a solid pursuit and progress in life (Eph. 4:15 and note 153; Col. 1:28 and note 281; Heb. 6:1a and note 13).

Eph. 4:15—But holding to truth in love, we may grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, Christ.

Col. 1:28—Whom we announce, admonishing every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full-grown in Christ.

Heb. 6:1a—Therefore leaving the word of the beginning of Christ, let us be brought on to maturity.

For further reading please refer to CWWL, 1994-1997, vol. 1, “Fellowship with Full-time Trainees,” ch. 2, p. 43 and CWWL, 1985, vol. 5, “Vessels Useful to the Lord,” ch. 3, pp. 53-54.

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