Day 114: Prayer for the saints’ attitude toward the Word of God (1)

Pray that the saints, by the Lord’s grace, would have the attitude toward the Word of God seen in God’s loving seekers in the Old Testament, and that they would learn to believe in God’s Word, choose it, lift up their hands unto it, love it, and delight in it (Psa. 119:66, 173, 48, 97, 127, 140, 16, 24).

Psa. 119:66—Teach me proper discernment and knowledge, / For I believe in Your commandments.

Psa. 119:173—Let Your hand be ready to help me, / For I have chosen Your precepts.

Psa. 119:48—And I will lift up my hand to Your commandments, which I love; / And I will muse upon Your statutes.

Psa. 119:97—Oh, how I love Your law! / All day long it is my musing.

Psa. 119:127—Therefore I love Your commandments / More than gold, indeed, more than fine gold.

Psa. 119:140—Your word is very pure, / And Your servant loves it.

Psa. 119:16—I will take delight in Your statutes; / I will not forget Your word.

Psa. 119:24—Also Your testimonies are my delight; / They are my counselors.

For further reading please refer to Life-study of Exodus, msg. 56, pp. 662-663.

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